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Some answers to questions that have arisen:

Does it matter who nominates?

No. You are welcome to nominate your colleague, family member, client or yourself.

How do I know if I completed my nominaton?

You must click "add to cart" and checkout to finish the nomination. 

You will receive an email confirmation when it is complete.

How will the winners be celebrated?

Winners will be announced on McKnights.com, McKnightsSeniorLiving.com and McKnightsHomeCare.com and in the print editions of McKnight's Long-Term Care News and McKnight's Senior Living. We will also be celebrating all honorees at an in-person awards ceremony on May 14, 2024.

Why am I receiving an email telling me to complete my nomination? I received an email saying I had finished.

Often people inadvertently start a nomination multiple times. Email Anna Naumoski with questions at anna.naumoski@haymarketmedia.com.

How do you define “VP” level for the Hall of Honor?

We ask that nominators use their judgment if such a title does not exist in their organization.

When will winners be announced?

We expect to announce the lists of winners in early February 2024.

Will the McKnight's editors be nominating people for the Hall of Honor, Veteran VIPs, and Rising Stars in addition to those nominated by others? 

No. The McKnight's team is relying on readers to nominate potential honorees, so if you know of someone who is worthy, please submit a nomination for her! Our judges will select inductees based on the nominations.

Can I nominate more than one woman for an award?

Yes, please feel free to nominate as many deserving women as you like.

If I don't know a lot of details about the person I am nominating, should I submit the nomination anyway?

To help the judges and increase your nominee's chances of being recognized, please provide as much information as possible as requested on the nomination form.

Can I submit a nomination for someone who was nominated last year?

Yes, as long as she was not a winner.

When I click credit card no payment information pops ups, how do I fix this?

If you are using Internet Explorer as your browser try switching to Chrome or Firefox.

Where can I read about last year's Women of Distinction honorees?

Check out these web pages: